Uttar Pradesh News First wife was gang raped later went to Lucknow after saying triple talaq

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Triple Talaq


  • first gang rape with wife
  • Later went to Lucknow saying talaq thrice
  • The case of Gonda in UP

Uttar Pradesh News: In Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda, a man along with his relative allegedly gang-raped his wife and later gave her triple talaq. Giving information on Friday, the police said that an FIR has been registered against the accused person and his cousin under relevant sections and the accused has also been arrested by the police. Superintendent of Police Akash Tomar quoted a complaint lodged by the family members on Friday that a girl resident of Gonda was married to Mohammad Adnan, a resident of Lucknow.

He told that Adnan used to beat and harass his wife every day for demanding dowry, due to which she was living in the maternal house for a long time. On the previous day, Adnan along with his cousin came to his father’s house and after finding him alone, they gang-raped him. On protesting, he was beaten up and went to Lucknow saying talaq thrice. The SP said that the victim had appealed for justice on Wednesday. On the instructions of the SP, the accused Mohammad Adnan has been arrested late on Thursday evening after registering a case under the relevant sections. While the search is on for his cousin.

80 percent 3 divorce cases reduced

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken many big steps in his tenure of 8 years. One of these has been the triple talaq law. This law has not only ended the evils prevalent in the Muslim society, but has also made the life of Muslim women beautiful. The Triple Talaq Act has given the right to 80 million Muslim women of India that they can fight a legal battle against social evils like triple talaq in the name of religion. Its effect has also been seen. There has been a huge reduction of 80 per cent in divorce cases in the country.

What was triple talaq and why was it banned?

There are many methods of divorce in Islam, these include Ehsan, Hassan and Talaq-e-Biddat (triple talaq). Ehsan and Hassan can be repelled. At the same time, there is no scope for turning away from talaq-e-biddat. That is, once the husband utters talaq to his wife thrice, he cannot revert to her. Due to this evil practice, lakhs of Muslim women were forced to live a bad life. Under the guise of Islam, men take decisions of their own free will. In view of this, the Modi government implemented this law. By the way, before India, triple talaq is banned in Muslim-majority countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Libya, Sudan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Kuwait.

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