Uttar Pradesh News Son Amit Tripathi brought back Pitbull who killed mother Sushila Tripathi Maneka Gandhi phone helped

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Pitbull (representative image)


  • ‘Pitbull’ who killed mother brought back son
  • Help received from Maneka Gandhi’s phone
  • Pitbull ate Sushila Tripathi

Uttar Pradesh News: Amit Tripathi of Lucknow has again got his Pitbull breed dog Brownie back. This is the same pitbull who had killed Amit’s mother in the past. After this the Municipal Corporation of this dog was taken over. However, now news is coming that Amit has brought his dog home again. In all this, the name of former Union Minister and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi is also emerging. It is being told that Maneka Gandhi had called up Arvind Rao, the joint director of the Municipal Corporation, to hand over the pitbull to its owner Amit.

Amit’s neighbors objected

When Amit brought Pitbull home again, his neighbors objected to it. They say that the people living nearby are at risk from this dog. In fact, on July 12, the same dog has killed Sushila Tripathi, a retired teacher living in Bengali Tola of Kaiserbagh, Lucknow. However, Amit has also got his dog on certain conditions. The first condition is that he will not leave the pitbull to roam outside and the second condition is that if someone complains about it, then the pitbull will be caught back. Along with this, Amit will also have to hire a trainer for Pitbull. Amit had reached the municipal corporation office along with a relative to pick up Pitbull. It is being told that on seeing his owner Amit, Pitbull ran towards him and clung to him.

Pitbull was eaten by scratching

This is the same pitbull who attacked his 80-year-old mistress in the past and then ate her flesh by scratching. The woman has died. The matter is of Bengali Tola area of ​​Lucknow. Actually, retired teacher Sushila Tripathi went for a walk with her pitbull ‘Brownie’ and Labrador. Meanwhile, Pitbull attacked Sushila. Neighbors claim that the pitbull ate his mistress by scavenging, killing her. When the neighbors came out of their houses after hearing screams, they saw that Sushila was lying in a pool of blood.

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