Uttar Pradesh News The MLA was going by cycle fell into a pit filled with water broke bone

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  • Jewar MLA’s left hand bone is broken in the accident
  • Dhirendra Singh has been elected MLA twice from Jewar

Uttar Pradesh News: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Jewar assembly seat in Uttar Pradesh, Dhirendra Singh, fell while riding a bicycle in his constituency. In this accident, the bone of his hand was broken. One of his associates said that Singh has been admitted to the hospital after the accident. Colleague Devendra Singh said that 55-year-old Dhirendra Singh had left the road on his bicycle near Kishorepur village at 7.30 pm on Saturday. After which his cycle fell in the pit filled with water.

MLA’s left hand bone was broken in the accident

Devendra Singh said, “The MLAs went out for cycling as usual. It was raining at that time and his cycle fell into a pit filled with water. He broke a bone in his hand in this incident.” The aide said that Dhirendra Singh was soon taken to a private hospital in Greater Noida. Doctors at the hospital told that he had broken a bone in his left hand. He said, “The MLA is in the hospital and he is being operated on.” Fitness-conscious Dhirendra Singh has been elected MLA twice from Jewar.

The biggest problem is the deep potholes in the roads

Now the monsoon season is going on. The biggest problem is the broken roads. There are deep pits here. When it rains the road gets submerged in water and deep potholes are not visible. Due to which accidents have happened many times. Two wheelers keep falling every day. The drainage system has come to a standstill due to broken roads. With the construction of the road, the situation will improve. This will prevent water stagnation on the roads. Due to which water drainage will be easy.

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