Uttar Pradesh Now criminals will appear in court without coming out of jail by video conferencing Yogi government is making special arrangements

Now criminals will appear before the court without coming out of jail - India TV Hindi News

Now criminals will appear before the court without coming out of jail

The Yogi government of the state seems to be making all efforts to rein in the criminals in Uttar Pradesh. The police have to go through all the procedures till the accused is convicted and the guilty is punished. For the arrest of someone, from the warrant to the hearing of his sentence, one has to go to the police court. Police keep criminals in jail and take them from jail to court on the date of trial. But now there can be a ban on going from jail to court. Now the police will be able to present the criminals in the court from the jail itself.

With new technology, criminals will be able to appear in court even without going out of jail

The Yogi government has intensified efforts to get the accused and criminals from the production to the trial in the jail itself. With this, the police will not have to take the criminals out of jail for trial and trial. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said in a high-level meeting that at present, there is a need to construct one additional video conferencing room in 72 jails and 73 courts of UP to conduct the trial and production of criminals in jail through video conferencing. So they should be built as soon as possible.

During the trial, criminals make a conspiracy with their henchmen

In the meeting, CM Yogi said that when dangerous criminals who are in jail are presented in the court, then there is a lot of expenditure. A lot of police or other security forces are deployed in their security. During the trial, they also conspire to commit a crime with their henchmen. Due to which he continues to run his empire by sitting in jail. But if their production is done through video conferencing while in jail, then all this will stop. It will not cost much and criminals will not have to be taken from one place to another.

5G technology will be used for video conferencing

CM Yogi said that 5G technology should be used in jails and courts to improve the connectivity of video conferencing so that there is no problem in connectivity during trial and trial. For this, a separate budget should be allocated for the video conferencing system, so that the system can be upgraded from time to time.

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