Uttar Pradesh Now the people of Muslim community will not go out on the route of Kanwar Yatra

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Kanwar Yatra


  • Now the people of Muslim community will not go out on the route of Kanvad Yatra with Tajia
  • Administration resolved the matter through talks
  • Tazia will be rotated in Mohallas and Mosques only

Uttar Pradesh: The month of Sawan is going on and the devotees of Bhole across the country are showing their devotion through the holy Kanvad Yatra. The administration is helping as much as possible to these Shiva devotees who walk hundreds of kilometers on foot. However, despite this, news comes from many places that some ruckus took place during the journey or people of two communities clashed with each other. Now to avoid this, the Shikohabad administration of Uttar Pradesh has decided that the Muslim community will not bring their Tajia on the main road through which the Kanwar Yatra will take off.

The solution of the matter came out of talks

In Shikohabad, Uttar Pradesh, it is going to be such a day on Sunday, when Tajiya and Kanvad Yatra are going to go together for one day. The police administration is already alert to ensure that no incident takes place between the two communities during this period. The police administration spoke to the Muslim community of Shikohabad in this regard and urged them not to bring Tazia on the main road on Sunday, so that the Kanvad Yatra could take place comfortably. The Muslim community has also given its consent with a big heart.

Police administration should be praised

The kind of understanding shown by the police administration so that there should be no mutual differences between the two communities should be appreciated. In fact, when the Shikohabad police came to know that both Tazia and Kanvad Yatra have to go on the same route on the same day on Sunday, they got upset. The police was justified in getting upset because the communal atmosphere in the country is not going well right now. However, despite this, the police administration called both the communities together in the police station and discussed it and found a solution to this problem.

Muslim community will not go on the main road

The Muslim community said during the conversation that he would not take the tajiya on the main road, but instead he would walk the tajiya in mosques and mohallas only. The Muslim community said that they would not take Tazia on the Etah Shikohabad road from where the Kanvad Yatra is about to leave, to avoid any confrontation.

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