Uttar Pradesh Why are the incidents of bombing increasing in Prayagraj Gangwar happening among school children

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Prayagraj SSP Shailesh Pandey


  • Bombs hurled in front of BHS gate
  • Knife used to go on here before 1971.
  • The absconding Raju Naxalite taught people to make bombs

Uttar Pradesh: In Prayagraj, the incidents of bombings have increased in the last few months due to the mischievous nature of school children becoming heroes and dominating other children. These children from different schools have formed their own gang on social media. The police informed the media about this.

events of supremacy

Senior Superintendent of Police Shailesh Pandey said that the motive behind the bombing incidents is to create dominance of their respective gangs. According to him, these children are using social media platforms in a wrong way and using YouTube and other channels to make desi bombs. He told that these children are making groups on Instagram and Facebook, sharing videos on them and dominating other groups.

Parents keep an eye on your children

He said that therefore there is an appeal to the parents of school going children to keep a watch on the activities of their children, so that they can be saved from going into the world of crime. Pandey told that the students who carried out the bombing incidents have formed groups named Immortal, Tandav and Maya. Recently, the police detained 11 students, including 10 minors, involved in bombing incidents.

There was bombing in the city

It is noteworthy that these students had bombed Maharishi Patanjali Vidya Mandir on July 15 after a mutual dispute. The very next day, on July 16, panic was spread outside Patanjali Rishikul Vidyalaya by bursting bombs. After this, the students fled by throwing a bomb in front of the BHS gate on 22 July.

Knife used to happen in the city earlier

Senior social worker of the city, Baba Abhay Awasthi, while highlighting the history of bombing in Prayagraj, said that Raju Naxalite, who was absconding in the Naxalite movement in 1971, taught people to make bombs in Prayagraj. He told that gradually the method of making bombs spread in this city and gradually it spread among the mischievous school children. According to him, before 1971, knife-wielding was going on here, but by bombing, crooks become heroes in the crime world. Awasthi said that sulfur, potash and mensal are used in making bombs and these materials are easily available.

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