Uttrakhand Former CM Tirath Singh Rawat surrounded his own BJP government said No work is done without commission in the state

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Former Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat

Tirath Singh Rawat, former Chief Minister and MP of Uttarakhand. During the Chief Minister’s tenure, he was often in the discussion about his statements. At the same time, he also had to be a victim of criticism for his statements. Once again he is in discussion about one of his statements.

This time Tirath Singh Rawat has surrounded his own party’s government in the state in his statement. He said, “No work is done in Uttarakhand without percentage.” Former CM Rawat said that, he has said this thing many times before. Said that strictest steps need to be taken to check the cases like commission evasion.

‘Nothing is going to happen just by punishing the officers’

Tirath Singh Rawat said that only punishing the officials in corruption cases will not do anything. Till the time, fixing the responsibility of the people’s representatives, action is not taken against them. According to the media reports, the former CM of the state, Rawat said that whether it is Jal Nigam or Jal Sansthan or any other department, he used to hear that commission from zero to 20 percent for getting the work done in UP’s time. It was decided. But it is unfortunate that after the formation of Uttarakhand state, commission has increased in the state.

‘The time for the commission to end has increased’

Former CM Teerth Singh Rawat said that, “I should not say this because I have also been in the post of Chief Minister, and there is a BJP government in Uttarakhand, but I have no hesitation in saying that when we were in Uttar Pradesh, we got commission. Should have left, which didn’t happen. On the contrary, it is unfortunate that instead of coming from 20 to zero, we have started with 20% commission.”

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