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Vikrant Rona Movie Review
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Vikrant Rona Movie Review
  • Movie Review: Vikrant Rona
  • star rating: 2.5 , 5
  • On screen: 28 July 2022
  • Director: Anoop Bhandari
  • Style: Horror Drama/Thriller

Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep’s film ‘Vikrant Rona’ has been released on the big screen today, there was a discussion about this film for a long time. This film has been released in 3D, is this film paisa vasool hai? Should we watch it, you will find answers to all these questions in this review. If you are fond of watching South movies, then you must have seen that such suspense films are made there whose ending you cannot even imagine, sometimes that climax is so great that we are surprised, while sometimes it happens that the entire film We like it but the suspense comes out in such a way that we beat our heads. How is this movie? Will the climax of this suspense thriller film surprise you or not, we will tell you.


This story is of a village where people are afraid of Brahmarakshas, ​​there is a ghost temple which never opens. There is a child who went missing 28 years ago and has now returned, a policeman posted in the village when the inspector before him is murdered and hanged in the village well. The name of the new inspector is Vikrant Rona, whose role is played by Sudeep Kicha. Many children have gone missing in the village, every missing child gets murdered and a strange painting is made on his face. Vikrant Rona comes to the village with his daughter and tries to find out the reason behind these murders.

There is suspense and suspense in the film… and there are such suspense that you will be surprised to see. You don’t understand what is happening? The climax of the film is very good and it will get full numbers here. But the confusion that the film creates in reaching the climax seems unnecessary at times and even when we come to know the truth in the climax, we still do not get answers to some questions. As Sanju comes back home after 28 years, how do people immediately assume that he is Sanju. Why does he run away from home, how he lived abroad, how many such questions of studies do not come to the mind of the people of the village, it is also surprising that.


Talking about acting, Kicha Sudeep’s swag has been seen in the film. He wins hearts with his style and acting. Nirup Bhandari in the role of Sanju and Neeta Ashok in the role of Panna. Jacqueline Fernandez is a part of the film just for the glamour, her absence doesn’t matter to the story of the film.

Vikrant Rona Movie Review

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Vikrant Rona Movie Review

Talking about the technical side, the VFX and 3D work of the film is good. Visuals look awesome. The film has emotion, drama, action and suspense. While the film makes the plot in the first half, the action takes place in the second half. There was a plan to make this film in a budget of 15 crores, but later this film has been prepared in a budget of 95 crores.


The director of the film is Anoop Bhandari, the attempt to make the film a dark fantasy adventure horror film was good, before this we had seen in ‘Tumbad’, but the direction is lacking. The screenplay of the film needed more work.

see or not?

If you are fond of South films, and you like suspense thriller films, then you will like this film.

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