Vinay Menon to represent India in FIFA World Cup, joins belgium football team as a wellness

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FIFA World Cup: Only a few days are left for the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar. The World Cup, which is going to be held after four years between the top football teams of the world, will once again see the battle for the title. Brazil, the most successful team in tournament history, will be pushing for their sixth title, while Belgium, the second-ranked team in the world, will be eyeing their first title.

The Belgian team, which finished at number three in 2018, has signed the Indian legend in a big move to fulfill their dream of becoming world champions. Belgium has entrusted Kerala’s Vinay Mohan with a big responsibility by appointing him as the ‘wellness’ coach of their team. This means that this time India will also be represented in the off-field activities in the FIFA World Cup.

support for belgium

Vinay, who has worked with the famous European football club Chelsea, will work on various aspects like physical and mental health of the players as ‘wellness’ coach of the Belgian team. Menon said on this occasion that I am proud to have the opportunity to be with the Belgian national team in the World Cup. It makes me really happy that I can represent India and make my country proud in my own way. Vinay is now looking forward to support from all quarters for his team to do well in the World Cup. He said that there is no Indian team in this World Cup, but I hope all the Indians going to Qatar will support Belgium.

Was part of the Chelsea team that won the Champions League

As the wellness coach of the team, Vinay will be responsible for mental and physical fitness, which will help the players to perform at their best. Vinay, 48, has previously worked with the Chelsea club and has also been an associate member of the UEFA Champions League winning teams in the 2011-12 and 2020-21 seasons.

Expressed desire to join Team India

Expressing the hope of the Indian football team playing in the FIFA World Cup, Vinay said that he is confident that our team will play in the World Cup in 2030 and then I would like to work with my team.

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