water pollution in india how to effects our bodies – We are getting poison in the name of water, read this full report

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Water Pollution


  • Arsenic content in groundwater has been found to exceed 0.01 mg
  • 6 people died due to drinking contaminated water
  • Water has been provided to 9.81 crore households out of rural households

Water Pollution: Life is not possible without water, there is a saying that water is life. That is, water is very essential for running life on earth. Scientists from all over the world are trying to find water on planets other than Earth, you can understand how important water is in our life. You must have seen in the cities how water is being sold in closed containers and many new equipments are being installed for drinking pure water. The pure water that we drink every day thinking that it has now become poison. Today we will discuss this in detail.

What does the report say?

According to a report released by the Government of India, in the next few years, ground water, that is, the water that is under the ground, will become completely poisonous. Mainly, we use 80 percent of the water from hand pump and motor (water). According to the report, now 80% of arsenic and metals like lead are being found more in the water inside the earth. Ground water is becoming poisonous day by day. They are so fine that we cannot see with the naked eye, but for our body it is like a poison. According to the report, in some places in 25 states of the country, the amount of arsenic in groundwater has been found to be more than 0.01 mg. Similarly, in some parts of 491 districts of 28 states, iron content in groundwater is more than 1 mg per liter, while in 152 districts of 18 states, the groundwater situation has deteriorated, where more than 0.03 mg per liter of uranium was found. Cadmium levels in excess of 0.003 mg per liter have been found in some areas in 62 districts of 16 states. The same report found that water in villages was found to be more toxic than in cities. A large population of our country lives in the village and in today’s time the people of the village are compelled to drink poisonous water. In recent months, Odisha reported that six people had died while 17 had deteriorated due to drinking contaminated water. Although this is not a new thing, such incidents keep coming to light every day in the country.

What is the government doing?
The Jal Jeevan Mission scheme has been implemented by the central government to provide clean water to every household. This scheme was started in 2019. The government claimed that out of 19.15 crore rural households, water has been supplied to 9.81 crore households so far. Simultaneously, the government has launched AMRUT 2.0 scheme in 2021. The goal of this plan is that by the next 2026, clean water will be delivered to the homes of every city.

How much harm is done by drinking poisonous water
You are drinking water every day but you are harming by drinking this poisonous water. If you live in cities, then hair fall, skin problems, kidney failure, cancer, all these diseases are happening only because of drinking contaminated water.

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