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Dog Tax: These days a word ‘Dog Kar’ is becoming increasingly viral on social media. With which it is being claimed that Prayagraj Municipal Corporation has imposed dog tax on those who keep dogs. When we investigated the matter, we found that the viral post is absolutely true. In the Sangam city of Prayagraj, the Municipal Corporation has imposed tax on those who keep dogs. That is, if you live in Prayagraj and are keeping a dog, then you will have to pay its tax to the Municipal Corporation.

have to pay so much tax

Prayagraj Municipal Corporation says that it will collect ‘dog tax’ of 630 rupees every year from dog owners. Along with this, the Municipal Corporation says that if someone does not pay this annual tax, then he will also have to pay a fine.

Dog registration will have to be done

Municipal Corporation Prayagraj says that the people living in the city who keep dogs, they will have to register their dog in the Veterinary and Welfare Officer’s office and from there they will get a token which they will have to wear around their dog’s neck. It is mandatory for all dog owners to do this, whoever does not do so may have to pay a fine of up to five thousand rupees.

Big news for dog owners in Gorakhpur too

In Gorakhpur also, the Municipal Corporation has increased the registration fee of pet dogs by 50 times. Till now the registration fee was only Rs 2 for registration, but now it has been increased to Rs 100. At the same time, only 77 pet dogs have been registered in the Municipal Corporation so far. The Municipal Corporation will soon launch a campaign against those who do not register. Those who do not register will also be fined Rs 5,000.

These changes have happened after the Pitbull incident

We have seen all these changes when a woman from Lucknow was thrashed by her own pet dog Pitbull. This news shocked the dog owners. After this, the administration had also requested all the dog owners that if they keep such a dangerous dog, then keep it with caution and keep training it from time to time.

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