What is fatwa who can issue fatwa, who is Farmani Naaz Then a new ruckus came to the fore related to it, is this a law?

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  • Maulana or Maulvi cannot issue fatwa
  • Farmani Naaz is a YouTube Singer from Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • There is no Sharia law here

Farmani Naaz, Muslim singer Farmani Naaz remains in the media headlines these days. Recently, Farmani Naaz had taken out devotional music on the ongoing holy festival of Sawan. The song whose lyrics are ‘Shambhu Shambhu’ After this hymn, Fatima was surrounded by controversies. This song has been seen many times on YouTube, but this song has caused problems for Muslim clerics. A Maulana issued a fatwa on Fatima. Maulana believed that no Muslim woman has the right to compose and sing music of any other religion. “Singing songs in Islam is a haraam act, especially Muslim women should stay away from such songs”. Today we will know who is this decree? And what is this fatwa?

What is this fatwa?

Fatwa is an Arabic word. In Muslim countries, a fatwa is issued under Sharia law. Understand in simple language, when any person does not follow the rules of Islam and does any such work by going against him, then a fatwa is issued against him under Sharia law. In India, it is heard every day that a fatwa has been issued against a person, so no action is taken after issuing this Khatri. If you would think that it would happen then no it does not happen at all. India is a constitutional country, no Sharia law is applicable here. If a Maulana or Maulvi issues a fatwa on a person, then it has no meaning in a country like India.

Who can issue fatwa?

There is no meaning of this law in our country but still let us know who can issue fatwa. To whom does the religion of Islam give this right? Explain to you in simple language that no Maulana or Maulvi can issue a fatwa. According to the religion of Islam, only a mufti can issue a fatwa. To become a Mufti one must have a deep study of Sharia Law, Hadith and Quran.

Who is Farmani Naaz?

Farmani Naaz is a YouTube Singer from Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh. Farmani has also been a part of the Indian Idol reality show. At present, there are about 3 million subscribers on Farmani Naaz’s YouTube channel. The one who made Farmani Naaz a star is a boy named Rahul from his village. How is it said that when she went to Indian Idol, her child’s health deteriorated at the same time, after which she left the show and came home. Naaz had told that BJP MP Sanjeev Baliyan had also helped him a lot in the treatment of his daughter. At present, Naaz is on the target of fanatics, answering every question of Arun.

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