What is Honey Trap? – What is Honey Trap?

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Indian army honey trap


  • Rajasthan Police had kept this jawan on the radar for many days.
  • Honey Trap a Pakistani Weapon
  • Tinder among the widest range of banned apps

An Indian Army jawan has become a victim of honey trap. A police officer has given this information. The jawan has been accused that he used to work for Pakistan. The accused was mainly posted in Rajasthan. Accused Shantmay Rana is a resident of Bengal. Rajasthan Police said that he had been giving important information related to the Indian Army to Pakistan. Rajasthan Police had kept this jawan on the radar for many days, every movement of the jawan was being monitored. The Intelligence team of Rajasthan Police arrested him late on Tuesday evening.

Shantimay Rana becomes victim of honey trap

No one knows when to meet a person who is active on social media. Many people become victims of this social media, like Shantimay Rana became friends. Shantimay Rana had friendship with two women of Pakistan, after which the friendship became very deep, but the accused did not know that the Pakistani to whom I am talking is female. Actually, the woman with whom the accused was befriended is said to be Pakistani in origin, while the women told the accused that we are residents of India. Umesh Mishra, Director General of Rajasthan Police has given this information. He told that the women whom the accused was associated with on social media. Their names are Akinta Kaur and Nisha. Mishra told that the first woman describes herself as working in the Military Engineering Service of Uttar Pradesh, while the second woman told that she is in the Military Nursing Service. Taking advantage of this, women forced Shantmay Rana to share many important information on social media. The accused were completely caught in the trap of the woman. He also accepted that we used to get money in return.

Honey Trap a Pakistani Weapon

Honey trap cases keep coming to light every day in the Indian Army. Pakistan uses it as a major weapon. Through which it tries to extract important information related to the country’s internal affairs and army. Pakistan prepares its people on social media how to trap Indian army personnel in honey trap. For this, women are given complete training. These women then befriend the army personnel through Facebook, Instagram and other social sites. After this, she first spends time with the soldiers and gradually tries to extract important information by bringing them under her delusion. So far many army personnel have fallen victim to the trap of women.

What did the army do so far to avoid the honey trap?

The Indian Army had in December 2020 identified 150 profiles being used by Pakistan to implicate Indian Army officers in the honey trap. The increasing frequency of such incidents prompted the Indian government to ask Indian Army soldiers to remove Facebook, Instagram and 87 other apps from their phones. The widest range of banned apps included 15 dating apps like Tinder, Truly Madly and OK Cupid.

What is Honey Trap?

Indian army honey trap

Image Source : India TV

Indian army honey trap

It usually begins with a ‘beautiful, young lady’ liking a soldier’s post on social media, according to the Indian Army. After some light conversation, the woman asks for more pictures of guns, tanks and planes in general. Over time, the conversation shifts to direct messages and WhatsApp chats, where operatives of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) try to blackmail a soldier trapped in the Honey Trap to expose defense secrets.

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