What is narco test? For which Aftab agreed, understand the whole process- delhi shraddha murder case what is narco test

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What is a Narco test?

Everyday new revelations are coming out in the Shraddha murder case. On the other hand, the Delhi Police is engaged in collecting solid evidence against Aftab so that the police side remains strong in the court. The police is engaged in probing from all aspects. In connection with the investigation, the police are repeatedly reaching the forests of Mehrauli to search for evidence. Apart from this, strict guards have also been installed in the forests. Meanwhile, Aftab is going to become Narco.

Aftab agreed for Narco

Now Aftab Amin Poonawala has agreed for Narco. Sources said a Saket court on Friday ordered the Rohini Forensic Science Lab to conduct the test within five days. Delhi Police applied for narco test as Aftab was not cooperating in the investigation. Now the question must be coming in your mind that what is this narco test. Do the criminals start telling the truth in this? Let us understand in detail what is a narco test.

What is narco test?
In a narco test, a drug called sodium pentothal (thiopentone) is injected into a person’s body, which puts him or her in a ‘hypnotic stage’. It lowers the self-consciousness (ability to think) of a person and he starts speaking freely. That’s why this medicine is also called truth serum. That is, understand the simple language that in this state the person is neither fully conscious nor unconscious.

may take the wrong dose
The dosage to be given to a person first depends on the age and body conditions of the person. Whereas wrong dosage can result in death or coma of a person.

Who all attend the test?
The team that conducts a narco test in India consists of an anaesthesiologist, a psychiatrist, a clinical/forensic psychologist, an audio-videographer and support nursing staff. The investigating officers are also present during the investigation.

Narco test is also not 100 percent accurate
After injecting the person, the interrogation process begins. The narco test is believed to be an alternative to other third-degree tests used by the investigation teams. However, experts say the test is not 100 percent accurate. There have been instances where subjects have tricked the investigators by giving incorrect answers.

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