What is the defense budget of both China and Taiwan, who has how much weapons What is the defense budget of both China and Taiwan who has how much weapons

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  • Taiwan has 88 thousand army soldiers
  • China’s defense budget is $230 billion
  • Taiwan has 35,000 air fighters

Nancy Pelosi: US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi stepped into Taiwan on Tuesday night. With this, she has become the highest US official to visit the self-governing island in 25 years. Pelosi’s visit has fueled bitterness between China and the US. China has been claiming that Taiwan is part of it. He opposes visits by foreign leaders and officials to Taiwan because he feels it tantamounts to recognizing the island territory as sovereign. China has threatened to face “serious consequences” if Pelosi travels to Taiwan. Pelosi and her delegation, who arrived in a US Air Force plane, were received at Taipei Airport by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. The eyes of the whole world are fixed on this journey.

Taiwan and China’s power

The world is aware of the power of China, but will Taiwin be able to face China, these questions must be arising in your mind. Let us tell you that Taiwan has 88 thousand army soldiers while China has 9.65 lakh army soldiers. The same China has 2.65 lakh soldiers and Taiwan has 40 thousand soldiers. If we talk about the Air Force, then 4 lakh airmen and Taiwan has 35 thousand air fighters. Comparing the defense budget of these two countries, China is many times ahead of Taiwan. China’s defense budget is $230 billion, Taiwan’s $16 billion, so Taiwan is not far from China in comparison. Talk about the same aircraft, Taiwan has 741 and China has 3285. Of these, China has 1200 fighter aircraft, while Taiwan has only 228. If it is the deadliest ie dedicated aircraft, then Taiwan does not have one but China has around 317. Now talking about the vehicles belonging to the Air Force, Taiwan has 19 while China has 286. If we talk about combat helicopters, then China has 912 and Taiwan has 208 and out of these 91 are attack helicopters. do the same thing fatal

In terms of tanks, China has 5250 state-of-the-art lethal tanks while Taiwan has 1110 tanks. China has 35,000 armored vehicles and Taiwan has 3472. Taiwan has no position in front of China from the comparative point of view of defense, but America, which is called the world’s super power, has always been supporting Taiwan, due to which Taiwan starts showing eyes to China.

After all, what is the history of China and Taiwan?

Taiwan is an island approximately 160 km off the coast of southeast China, opposite the Chinese cities of Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Xiamen. It was ruled by the imperial Qing dynasty, but its control passed to the Japanese in 1895. After Japan’s defeat in World War II, the island returned to Chinese hands. Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Nationalist Kuomintang Party, fled to Taiwan in 1949 after the Communists led by Mao Zedong won the civil war in mainland China. Chiang Kai-shek established the government of the Republic of China on the island and remained president until 1975.

China has never recognized the existence of Taiwan as an independent country. He argues that it was always a Chinese province. Taiwan maintains that the modern Chinese state was formed only after the revolution of 1911, and is not part of that state or the People’s Republic of China, which was established after the communist revolution. Political tension between the two countries continues. Let us tell you that China and Taiwan have also had economic relations. Many Taiwanese expatriates work in China and China has invested in Taiwan.

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