While in power at the center betrayed Himachal, Congress means corruption and obstruction in development. While in power at the center betrayed Himachal, Congress means corruption and obstruction in develo

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Modi addressed the people of Himachal from Chambi Maidan in Kangra.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Himachal Pradesh today i.e. on Wednesday. Modi addressed the people of Himachal from Chambi Maidan in Kangra. During this, he said that there is a need for a stable and strong government with ‘double engine’ in Himachal Pradesh. And it is only BJP government which can provide stability and good governance to the people of Himachal Pradesh. Congress can never give a stable government to Himachal Pradesh, nor does it want to. The Congress government is left in only two or three places in the whole country. And have you ever heard the news of development coming from those places? There are only and only reports of fights. Family rule continues in Congress even today. Congress means corruption, Congress means obstruction in development. In such a situation, how can this government develop a state?

“Old tradition is changing, BJP is winning”

Modi hit out at the Congress and also accused it of “betraying” the state when it was in power at the Centre. Kangra district has maximum number of assembly seats in the state. Addressing the rally here, the Prime Minister said that this time the people of Uttarakhand also changed the old tradition and made the BJP win. In Uttar Pradesh too, it has happened after 40 years when a party won again and came to the government for the second time in a row with an absolute majority. The BJP government has come again in Manipur too. And I have full faith that the BJP government will come once again in Himachal. If Congress forms the government in the state, it will only hinder development.

“Congress guarantees instability”

We want to create such a political tradition that we should do such work in the government that voters give us a chance again and again. That’s why we are working for development and for the country everywhere, at every level. PM Modi said that Congress means guarantee of instability, Congress means guarantee of corruption, scam and Congress means guarantee of obstruction in development works.

“We do what we say”

Citing the examples of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, Modi said there is so much anger among the people against the Congress that it has not got a chance to come back to power in many states for decades. Referring to the return of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to the government after being in power in many states, the Prime Minister said that the BJP is recognized for good governance and pro-poor policies among the people and hence it comes to the government again and again. . He said that BJP only says what it can do and then goes full force to fulfill its promises. Modi said other political parties still have their roots in family rule and vote bank politics.

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