Who will become the next CJI of the Supreme Court, the government asked Chief Justice NV Raman- tell the name of the successor

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Supreme Court News: After the Chief Justice ‘CJI’ of the Supreme Court of the country, the exercise has started regarding who will be the next Chief Justice. Actually, the term of Chief Justice Raman ends on 26 August. In such a situation, the central government has asked CJI Raman to decide about his successor, who he wants to see as the next CJI. Chief Justice NV Raman will very soon decide who will be the next Chief Justice. On Wednesday, the process of choosing the next Chief Justice has started with the Chief Justice Raman being asked about the new successor by the Union Ministry of Law and Justice. On the basis of seniority, Justice Uday Umesh comes after Lalit Raman. Hence it is expected that Raman will suggest his name.

The Chief Justice became the 48th Chief Justice of the country on 24 April 2021. He had replaced Justice SA Bobde. On Wednesday, the Secretariat of the Chief Justice of India was contacted by the Ministry of Law and Justice. It requested that he suggest the name of his successor.

How is the process of choosing the Chief Justice

As per the rules regarding the selection of CJI, the Chief Justice forwards the name of the senior most judge as his successor. At present, the senior-most judge after Raman is Uday Umesh Lalit. The appointment of judges to the Higher Judiciary is decided under the Memorandum of Procedure (MoP). According to this MoP, the Chief Justice, who has completed his tenure, starts the process of choosing his successor after communication in this regard with the Law Ministry.

The MoP clearly states that the senior-most judge of the Supreme Court is considered fit to hold the post of CJI. And the views of the outgoing head of the judiciary in this regard should be sought ‘at an appropriate time’.

Who is Justice Uday Umesh Lalit?

Justice Lalit, who is considered suitable according to the rules, is also considered suitable for choosing the Chief Justice. Get to know about them. Lalit was born on 9 November 1957. From 1983 he started advocacy. In December 1985, he practiced advocacy in the Bombay High Court. Then came to Delhi. In 2004, he was nominated as a senior advocate of the Supreme Court. He has also heard 2G cases. He was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court on 13 August 2014. He will retire on November 8 this year.

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