WHO will discuss again on Wuhan’s lab leak theory, know what is the whole matter? – China Lab Leak Theory WHO said it need study


  • WHO will again investigate the origin of corona

  • It is reasonable to worry about this theory

Corona virus originated in China. Worldwide, at least 6.3 million people have died due to the pandemic. By the way, many speculations have been made regarding the origin of Corona. But many times a laboratory accident in China has also been considered responsible for this. Now the World Health Organization has decided to investigate this once again. Actually WHO feels that China’s lab leak theory is responsible for the origin of corona. So let’s know what is this lab leak theory of China?

What is Wuhan Lab Leak Theory?
The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory is that China made the corona virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Actually this laboratory is located in Wuhan city of China. This laboratory is reportedly known for its military research. However, after this, China also tried to show that the corona virus originated from bats. Several employees of this lab in Wuhan had confirmed symptoms of Kovid-19 in November 2019. Whereas the first case of China’s Kovid was confirmed in December 2019.

Why is Lab Leak Theory grabbing everyone’s attention?
Actually, only talk has been happening about this theory. The Chinese authorities did not even allow a proper investigation at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Also, China has not shared any specific information about this. A story was also being told about this that the corona virus was spread from an animal to a human in a supermarket in Wuhan, but most of the initial cases of Kovid-19 in Wuhan had nothing to do with the food market. Although earlier the World Health Organization had refused to accept the theory, but because so far no evidence has been found about the origin of the corona virus. That’s why now the WHO wants to investigate it again. The origin of the corona virus becomes even more suspicious because China arrested independent journalists and bloggers reporting in Wuhan.

Is there really such a theory?
This theory can be considered true for several reasons. However, China is continuously rejecting these claims. For which many countries often criticize it. China is emphasizing that this virus spread from animals to humans. After that a Chinese doctor Li Wenliang warned fellow doctors about the corona virus in a chat group. He was summoned by the Public Security Bureau of China. Where he was also accused of making false remarks. At that time the doctor was also accused of spreading false rumours.

Is it fair to worry about this theory?
Finding out whether this theory is right or wrong will certainly not help in the fight against Corona. But if this virus has really originated in this lab in Wuhan, then experts and scientists can use this information for better treatment and rapid vaccine development. Apart from this, if this theory is really true, then not only in China, but it will also help in working together for safe scientific laboratories all over the world. However, if this theory turns out to be true, then it can also change China’s foreign relations.

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