Why did comedian Johnnie Walker leave the film industry?

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Happy Birthday Johnny Walker

Happy Birthday Johnny Walker: More than one comedian came in Bollywood, but among all of them, Johnny Walker had the most different craze. The famous comedian of the Bollywood film industry was born on this day on November 11, 1926 in Indore. The life of Johnny Walker, who made everyone laugh, was full of struggles and challenges.

During the 1950-1960s, Johnny Walker had become a famous comedian. Johnny Walker’s daughter Tasneem Khan was studying college during this period. She used to take the BEST bus to return from college, her happiness increased as soon as she arrived at the bus stand near the house as the conductor shouted loudly – “Johnny Walker Bus Stop, Johnnie Walker Bus Stop…” of Johnnie Walker in Bandra. The house was right in front of the bus stop and hence it became a new identity of the bus stop. Johnnie Walker himself was a bus conductor before appearing in films.

Johnnie Walker fans

Let us tell you that Johnny Walker, who did a tremendous act of drunkenness in his films, never drank alcohol in his life. In view of this, Guru Dutt gave him the title of Jani Walker, which is the name of a famous whiskey brand. Jani Walker was a close friend of Dilip Kumar, Naushad, Majrooh and Mohammad Rafi.

Why did you leave the film industry?

Years after leaving films, Johnny Walker acted in Kamal Haasan’s Chachi 420, Walker agreed to this role after many pleas. Johnny had distanced himself from films to spend time with his family.

Johnnie Walker’s generosity-
Johnny Walker also used to work for the society, he always asked the children to bring samosas from the same shop so that the poor shopkeeper could be helped. In a rolling scene from Jani’s film Pratigya (1975), Dharmendra slaps her when Johnny Walker exclaims, “Itni si baat ke liye, itna gusra…” the way Walker did in this comedy scene. I told my point, it is still remembered by the people. His role in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film ‘Anand’ still remains in the heart.

Johnny Walker received his first Filmfare Award for Madhumati (1958) and the second for Shikar (1968). Mehmood’s popularity in Hindi cinema in the 1960s reduced the demand for Johnny Lever, but he never hated Johnny. Johnny Walker’s bungalow is named Noor Villa and is located at Perry Cross Road, Branda.

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