Why do dogs run after the car at night, do they consider humans as enemies or is there some other reason why do dogs run after the car and bike at night

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Dog Facts


  • Dogs have a very strong sense of smell
  • Dogs are deployed from army to police force
  • Dogs have their own territory

Dog Facts: If you travel late at night, you must have noticed that dogs suddenly start chasing the bike rider or the car. Dogs start barking fast and sometimes it seems that dogs will attack. Have you ever wondered why dogs do this? There is a scientific reason behind this, due to which dogs do these things. Let us know why dogs do this.

why do this work

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. They easily sniff out any hidden or hidden object. Due to these reasons, dogs are deployed from the army to the police force. They do their work with full responsibility. Now this question must be coming in your mind that why do dogs start running after car or bike. Let us tell you that dogs have an area ie their own area, they decide that this area is ours. After this, they defecate on the tires of all the vehicles in that area, which they can identify the vehicles of their locality. When vehicles from any other area come in their area late at night, they attack them.

How to identify vehicles
You must have noticed that when dogs run after the vehicle, it is usually not the vehicle of that area. When dogs chase a car, they smell its tire so that they recognize that it is not a car in our area. And they attack. In this case, there is a risk of getting injured.

What to do when a dog does this?
If you are passing through an unknown place, at the same time a dog ran you, then you should not be upset. You will be the first to stop running and there will be no panic in the slightest. After a while the dog will calm down on its own. If you try to run away, then the chances of getting into an accident increase. Recently, a report from NCRB has also come in which it has been told that more than 70 thousand people have lost their lives in bike accidents.

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