Why is Taiwan important to China and America? What will be India’s stand on this in a world divided into two parts, know from experts – An Expert Explains: Taiwan, China, and the US the big picture in the Indo Pacific


  • The situation between China and America is tense regarding Taiwan.

  • China is aggressive on many issues.

The situation between China and America is tense regarding Taiwan. Discussions are going on all over the world regarding this. How will this whole matter turn and why Taiwan is necessary for China and America. To know the answer to all these questions, we talked to Foreign Affairs expert Harsh Pant. Understand the situation of China and America through five questions.

At this time China is furious about Taiwan and has started its siege with them, now can China attack Taiwan?

Harsh Pant says that if seen, China is aggressive on many issues. China has talked about the large size military exercise. China has also said that now it is also going to implement economic sections and after that China will try to show Taiwan that even if America is with it, but it is a profitable deal for Taiwan to be with China. By the way, the chances of China attacking Taiwan are slim because Taiwan is not Ukraine. Taiwan is strong in itself and Taiwan is also very ahead in terms of technology and it also has no shortage of modern weapons.

Ignoring China’s warning, US reiterates support for Taiwan, what message has America given to China by sending Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan?

Harsh Pant says that America has sent a message that America also stands with Taiwan. America wants to tell that it will not give place to China so easily in the Indian Pacific. After Afghanistan and Ukraine, many questions were being raised on America. That’s why America took this step to reassure them in the Indian Pacific, where it has many allies, ie Alliance, who were seriously looking at the problem of Taiwan.

America has asked to support Taiwan … American interests are connected with Taiwan … Taiwan has many US bases, why is Taiwan important for China-US?

Pant says that Taiwan is not very important for America, as important as it is for China. Actually, China considers Taiwan as its part. China believes that Taiwan should eventually come along with China and China has long considered it to be part of its China policy. And as far as America is concerned, it may follow the one China policy, but according to its collective mandate, America will have to come in support of Taiwan if China comes into action.

Japan has protested against China’s exercise, while Russia has issued a statement in favor of China, saying that America is teasing China, is the world divided into two camps?

Harsh Pant says, the world seems to be divided into two camps. Look, Russia is supporting China because before the Ukraine-Russia war, China-Russia had signed an agreement in which it was said that they are moving towards friendship and they have a limited friendship. And as far as Japan is concerned, there is a lot of tension going on between Japan and China too. Broadly speaking, there is tension between China and its allies and America and its allies, that is, there is a polarization-like situation.

India has not yet commented on this matter….but it is keeping an eye on the whole matter, can China-Taiwan tensions affect India too?

Foreign policy expert Harsh says that if the situation gets worse then this can be an important issue for India. The first reason for this is the weakening of the global economy. And due to this whole tension, there will be a big setback to the global economy, which will also affect India. And secondly, if any kind of tension arises in the Indo-Pacific on topical issues, then India cannot stay away from it. And India’s relations with China are delicate, in such a situation, the situation can be worrisome.

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