Why Lal Singh Chaddha became a ruckus Singh Chaddha, you don’t know the real reason why Lal Singh Chaddha boycott on social media amir khan what reply

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Laal Singh Chaddha


  • Aamir Khan is now divorced from Kiran Rao
  • Made rhetoric on the issue of Kashmir many times at the international level
  • New movie Lal Singh Chaddha is going to release in theaters on 11th August.

Laal Singh Chaddha: Bollywood veteran Aamir Khan’s new movie Lal Singh Chaddha is going to be released in theaters on August 11. Even before the release of this film, the trend of Boycott Lal Singh Chadha is being seen on social media. Users on social media are appealing not to watch this film. According to the posts of social users, Aamir Khan is being described as Hindu and anti-national. After all, why are users doing this, today we will talk in detail on this topic.

Why is this happening to Aamir Khan?

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan Khan, although he stays away from controversies, but during an interview given in 2015, he gave a controversial statement. After which Aamir Khan had to clarify on several occasions that our statement has been misinterpreted. However, despite this, Aamir Khan was trolled on social media by writing anti-national. The fire had subsided, when Amir shared a photo on social media with the wife of the President of Turkey, after which the Amir Khan was criticized in India. Now the question must be arising in your mind that why was he criticized for sharing a photo with the wife of the President of Turkey? Let us tell you that Turkey is an Islamic country. Turkey has always been making statements against India. At the international level, many times rhetoric has been made regarding the issue of Kashmir. Simultaneously, he has been supporting Pakistan. It is obvious that you are meeting with the wife of the President of the country which is giving a statement against India, so the people of India will not like it at all.

There were many scenes in the same Pk movie which hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Social media users also accused Aamir Khan of love jihad. Several social media users wrote that after marrying a Hindu girl, he left her. This is a love jihad. Let us tell you that Aamir Khan is now divorced from Kiran Rao, both live separately.

Dangal was a hit movie after troll

After Aamir Khan’s controversial statement, his next film Dangal was released in 2016. This movie bombed at the box office. Now the question is why this film was a hit even after trolling. The answer is simple, the story of Dangal movie was strong and the audience liked the way the film was made. The movie had earned 29 crores on the first day itself. In the same 2017 Scret Super Star Movie was a hit. Whereas in 2018, Thugs of Hindostan Aamir’s movie came which was completely beaten. That is, it is clear that if the movie is good, then it will run even after the troll, the way Dangal movie remained a hit in the eyes of the audience.

What did Aamir Khan say about such trolls?

In a media interview, Aamir Khan said that “Trolls like this are very disappointing. All that people feel is a lie. I urge all people not to boycott my film and go to see the film”.

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