Why MS Dhoni made Rohit Sharma an opener Dinesh Karthik was the reason why MS Dhoni made Rohit Sharma an opener, Dinesh Karthik was the reason

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Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni And Dinesh Karthik


  • In the Champions Trophy 2013, Rohit Sharma started the innings as an opener.
  • MS Dhoni, who was the captain of that time, took the decision on Rohit Sharma
  • Dinesh Karthik had to play in any case, so Rohit became the opener

MS Dhoni – Rohit Sharma Just before the T20 World Cup 2022, people were surprised when Team India captain Rohit Sharma has fielded Surya Kumar Yadav as an opener in the T20 series being played against the West Indies. This decision of Rohit Sharma also got a lot of criticism. But the special thing is that Surya Kumar Yadav has not got out quickly and cheaply while opening. He scored 24 runs in the first match and 11 runs in the second match. After this, Surya Kumar Yadav’s bat played a lot in the third match and he played an aggressive innings of 76 runs. Just as suddenly Surya Kumar Yadav has become an opener, in the same way Rohit Sharma also suddenly became an opener. Rohit Sharma himself used to play in the middle order, but later MS Dhoni, the captain of that time, gave Rohit Sharma a chance to play in the team as an opener.

MS Dhoni made Rohit Sharma an opener to play Dinesh Karthik

When MS Dhoni made Rohit Sharma an opener, then it was called a big gamble, but in today’s date see how this decision of MS Dhoni proved to be right and Rohit Sharma is one of the best openers in the world today. As an opener, Rohit Sharma has scored three double centuries in ODIs. Why MS Dhoni made Rohit Sharma an opener, it has now been revealed. Dinesh Karthik was also behind this decision. In fact, in the Champions Trophy 2013, Dinesh Karthik played a brilliant innings of 146 runs against a strong team like Australia. In such a situation, Dinesh Karthik had to play in the next match, but captain Dhoni wanted Rohit Sharma to be in the team too. But his place in the middle order was not being made, so Dhoni decided that Rohit Sharma would open the innings and Dinesh Karthik would play in the middle order. Rohit Sharma walked into the field to open the innings with Shikhar Dhawan. Talking to cricket.com, former fielding coach of the Indian team R Sridhar has told the full story about this.

Former fielding coach R Sridhar reveals the full story
R Sridhar told that 2013 Champions Trophy MS Dhoni had decided to make Rohit Sharma an opener. Dinesh Karthik was batting brilliantly in the practice matches, but Rohit Sharma also had to be kept in the team. After this this decision was taken, which was successful and Rohit Sharma became the opener. After this Sridhar said that now Surya Kumar Yadav has been made the opener of Team India in T20, this is a commendable step. He also told that if Virat Kohli does not play then how can Shreyas Iyer play at number three. Sridhar said that with this decision of Rohit Sharma, both Surya Kumar Yadav and Shreyas Iyer can play in the playing XI.

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