Wife murdered husband with lover, hand cut with ax, shot in head, secret revealed after 4 years

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Ghaziabad Murder Case

In Ghaziabad, a case of murder of her husband by a woman along with her boyfriend has come to light. According to the information, the first husband was shot in the head. After that one of his hands was chopped off with an ax. After this, the husband’s body was buried by digging a 6 feet deep pit in the boyfriend’s house. After 4 years, the Ghaziabad Police, disclosing this case, took out the skeleton on Monday. Then the skeleton was sent for postmortem and DNA examination. The police have arrested the wife of the deceased and her boyfriend.

Daughter expresses doubt on mother’s lover

The matter is that the missing complaint of Chandraveer Singh and Pappu, who lived in village Sikrod in Thana Nand village area of ​​Ghaziabad, was lodged. Even after a lot of investigation was done, no trace of him was found. After this the police gave its final report in the court. Ghaziabad SSP had reopened some old unresolved cases. The investigation was given to different teams.

The team of Crime Branch, while working on the disappearance case of Chandraveer, interacted with his daughter. So it came to know that an uncle living in the neighborhood keeps visiting his house. The daughter doubted him. The crime branch detained Arun and Anil, who lived in the neighborhood of Chandraveer, and when they were strictly interrogated, they spilled the whole incident in front of the police.

Husband’s hand was cut off and thrown in the forest

During interrogation, Arun told the police that he had an affair with Chandraveer’s wife Savita since 2017. Chandraveer had seen both of them in objectionable condition many times. Because of this he used to beat Savita. Arun told that he had given 6 feet deep pit in his house even before committing the murder. On the night of September 28, 2018, Chandraveer came home after drinking alcohol and fell asleep. Savita called her boyfriend. Arun shot him in the head before the gun. Arun cut off his hand to remove the silver string and threw the hand into the forest. Then after pressing his dead body in the pit made at home, cement plaster was made from above.

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