Will there be freedom from the terror of dogs? Approval of dog policy, registration of pets will have to be done by this date

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dog terror

Troubled by the terror of dogs, the dog policy has been approved in Noida, the city of UP adjacent to Delhi. Noida Authority met on Saturday. This policy has been approved in this meeting. The terror of dogs is spread in many sectors of Noida. Recently, an 8-month-old girl was bitten by a dog. this caused his death. Dog policy has been made after such situations and on the demand of the people.

Registration will have to be done in Noida Authority before sailing

Under this, people in the city will now have to register with the Noida Authority to keep pets. Along with this, the rules of Noida Authority will also have to be followed. Those who do not do so will be brought under the purview of fine. The dog policy was approved in the meeting of the Noida Authority. Along with this, the structural audit draft has also been approved in the meeting of the authority.

What is dog policy?

A guideline has been prepared by the Noida Authority regarding pets in the city. In view of the recent incidents of dog bites, every dog ​​and cat owner will have to follow this. Every pet has to be registered. Under the new policy, safety standards will have to be fully followed for walking a pet dog in Noida.

Apart from this, safety standards will also have to be followed in bringing and carrying dogs to the places like lifts, parks etc. of the society. Failure to do so will result in action. Under the dog policy, people will be given a chance to register pets by January 31.

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