wonderful! Hands were cut due to electric shock, Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu did Hand transplant, finished 4 hours of surgery, Vice President also congratulated


  • Vice President praises doctors

  • Surgery is very difficult but not impossible

Transplanting is not an easy task in the medical world. Finding a donor and implanting its organ in the patient’s body is a difficult task. However, if it becomes successful then it is nothing short of a miracle. In this episode, a 24-year-old man was successfully operated on both hands in Tamil Nadu. Due to a female donor from Gujarat, this person has got his hands back after four years.

A report by Gleneagles Global Health City said that this case is related to a person living in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. Who lost both his hands in 2018 after being burnt by electric current. After losing his hand, the boy was looked after by his mother.

Donated organ brought from Ahmedabad to Chennai

The person had registered his name with the Transplant Authority (TRANSTAN) in the state. On May 28, doctors got information about a hand donor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After which the donated organ was transported from Ahmedabad to Chennai after taking necessary approvals from the transplant authority and agencies related to the donor. The surgery was performed on 28 May.

14 hour surgery

According to media reports, Selva Sitharaman (S Selva SeethaRaman), director and senior advisor of the Institute of Plastics, was also present during the surgery. Let me tell you, eight plastic surgeons, 4 orthopedics i.e. bone doctors, a neurologist, 30 paramedical staff and four anesthetists were also present in this 14-hour surgery. The surgery was successful and the patient is now recovering and his physiotherapy sessions are also going on.

Vice President praises doctors

The country’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, who was on a tour of Tamil Nadu, also congratulated the team of doctors when they heard the news of this surgery. Vice President Naidu said that he is proud that such talented doctors are present in the country. This surgery was very difficult and the team of doctors completed such a big challenge. It is a matter of great pleasure. With the example of this surgery, people should go ahead and think about donating the organ. Those who are declared brain dead, they can give a new and better life to the disabled by donating their organs.

Surgery is very difficult but not impossible

Selva Sitharaman, Senior Consultant, Institute of Plastics, told about the surgery that hand transplant surgery is very difficult but not impossible. It can be done if there is the right medical staff and talented doctors to perform the surgery. With the success of this case, we have made another record.

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