Yashwant Sinha What will do now after losing the presidential election from draupdi murmu he was the member of Mamata Banerjee party

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Yashwant Sinha


  • had resigned from TMC before the presidential election
  • Sinha was in BJP for many years before TMC
  • Finance minister was in Atal government

Yashwant Sinha: The country got its 15th President on 25 July 2022. Draupadi Murmu took oath as the new President. Former President Ram Nath Kovind bid farewell to Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday and Murmu entered there. Elections were held for the President, in which Yashwant Sinha was challenged in front of Draupadi Murmu. By defeating them, she became the 15th President of the country.

After losing the presidential election, the question arose that now Yashwant Sinha will be active back? He was earlier a member of Mamata Banerjee’s party TMC. But he had resigned from the Trinamool Congress before contesting the presidential election. Now that Draupadi Murmu has become the President of the country, Yashwant Sinha’s political future is being discussed again. Meanwhile, he himself came forward and told about his future.

Will be independent now – Yashwant Sinha

Former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha said that, “He will not join any political party now and he will remain independent. He also said that he has not yet decided what role he wants to play in public life in future. ? However, it is certain that he will not join any party now. He said that he is not in touch with TMC now. “I have to see what role I will play in public life and how active I will be. I am 84 now, so these are the issues,” Sinha said.

Finance minister was in Atal government

Let us tell you that Yashwant Sinha has previously been a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He was the Finance Minister of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. He left the BJP in 2018. Even during his stay in the BJP, he was a constant attacker on the party. When he left the BJP in 2018, he had said that he would not go to any party but then later in the year 2021 he joined the TMC. Although his son Jayant Sinha is a BJP MP and has also been a minister in the first term of the Modi government. And it is believed that the relationship between father and son is not normal.

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