Yogi government’s mega plan regarding solar energy, target to generate 22 thousand MW electricity in 5 years UP government aims to produce 22 thousand Megawatt solar power in 5 years

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Yogi government’s big plan regarding solar energy

The Yogi government is moving forward with a big target regarding solar energy. Under the Uttar Pradesh Government’s Solar Policy-2022, there is a target to make 22 thousand MW of solar energy in the next five years. To meet this target, generation of 14,000 MW through setting up of solar parks, 4,500 MW through rooftop solar projects in residential areas, 1,500 MW through non-residential rooftop projects and 2,000 MW through PM Kusum Yojana is included.

What is Yogi government’s megaplan

UP Solar Policy-2022 will be applicable for five years. Under this, in addition to financial assistance from the Centre, the State Government’s contribution up to Rs 15,000 per kWh, subject to a maximum of Rs 30,000 per consumer, has been approved. Government buildings and all educational institutions have been permitted to install rooftop solar systems on net metering systems.

There is a provision of viability gap funding of Rs 50 lakh per MW in the policy for solarization of separate agricultural feeder Kusum C-2. For solarization of private on-grid pumps, subsidy of 70 per cent has been provided for Musahar, Vantangia and Scheduled Caste farmers and 60 per cent for other farmers.

Power generating plants will get big discount
A total of Rs 1,000 crore can be given during the five years of this policy. The policy covers power purchase agreements, utility scale solar power projects, stand-alone battery systems and storage systems above 5 MW with a capacity of 4 hours, along with a subsidy of Rs 2.5 crore per MW. For the establishment of solar parks on gram panchayat or revenue land by government undertakings, land will be made available at the rate of Re 1 per acre per year for 30 years and Rs 15,000 per acre for 30 years to private sector companies. 100 per cent exemption from stamp duty on land purchased or taken on lease, while solar power generation plants will be exempted from electricity duty for 10 years.

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