Zarifa Jaan, an illiterate Kashmiri woman who writes poems in code. kashmir Zarifa Jan an illiterate kashmiri woman who writes poems in code

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Zarifa Jaan

Srinagar: Zarifa Jaan Kashmir Valley She is a unique Sufi poetess who uses codes to preserve her poems. Zarifa, 65, said he started writing poems in his late 30s. One day she had gone to fetch water from a nearby canal. During this, she reached a state in which she did not know anything about the world and its surroundings. He also lost his water pot during this time. She began to feel a completely different personality inside herself. Some words came out of Zarifa’s mouth in thought and from here her poetry started.

The late daughter used to save the poem in writing

Zarifa of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district says that initially her late daughter kept her poetry in written form, but after her death, she lost the medium. I felt like everything was taken away from me. I will never forget that shock.

Zarifa became a poetess of a unique coded language
According to Zarifa, it took her years to realize that she was writing poetry. Since she could not read or write, she started saving them as some symbols. In this way she became a poet in a unique coded language that no one else could understand. I don’t know if this thought came to my mind or not, but seeing these signs on the paper made me understand what I had written.

Son Shafat is proud of his mother
Zarifa’s son Shafat said, “I cannot believe that despite being illiterate, my mother is not only writing such good poetry, but has also become the creator of a coding language to preserve her poetry.” Shafat further said that he wants to save his mother’s poetry in the form of a book, so that her words can reach the world.

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